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Posted Sunday, August 16, 2009 by Coach Yarborough

                                                                                                                                                                July, 2009

Dear Student-Athlete and Parent,

Thank you for expressing interest in Golden Eagles Football.  We believe that High School Football is a worthwhile venture which helps develop habits and skills applicable to all walks of life. In order to be prepared for the upcoming 2009 season, there are a number of items that should be discussed at length between student-athlete and parent:


Summer Practice

The Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) is the governing body of New York City public high school sports. During the summer months, they provide opportunities for football players to prepare for the season by opening Big Apple Games Football Competition sites throughout the city.


We have been assigned to:

                Jamaica High School167-01 Gothic Drive – the field is behind the school

                Monday through Thursdays from 5:30 – 8:30 PM

                Program runs from July 6 – August 6 and MetroCards may be provided for student-athletes


The program consists of conditioning, position instruction and weight room. While participation is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. Please bring shorts, tee shirts, sneakers and cleats and a combination lock. 

You may opt to attend everyday or only on selected Full Team Days, please contact Coach Yarborough if you decide to attend.


Participation Fee

To help supplement equipment costs, we are asking each football players to submit $100. The fee primarily pays for game equipment, but will also help supplement adequate safety equipment for your student-athlete. With the fee, each student athlete will receive a tee shirt and shorts.  Fees may be paid by cash or money order to GWC HS. Please speak with Coach Yarborough if payment arrangements need to be made.


Lateness/Absence Policy

If you expect to be absent from a practice, please inform Yarborough ahead of time, if possible. Injuries generally are not accepted excuses from missing practice entirely (you can always learn something from listening),

If you anticipate being late, please inform Coach Yarborough as soon as you can. Do not call five minutes before the scheduled practice.


Parent Involvement

Parents can support the team by attending games, participating in fundraising events and/or attending parent meetings. We are also open to other means not mentioned here. Please register on the website www.springfieldfootball.vnsports.com

Medical and Consent Forms

All student athletes must submit a complete medical and consent form in order to participate in any team related activities.

Consent Form

                Please date the form August 16 when it is submitted on the first day of practice.


Medical Form 

Top section must be completed by student and parent. Middle Section

Middle section must be stamped and completed by the doctor. Be sure that the doctor includes the registry number.

Bottom and rear sections – Students and families must complete these sections


For the safety of the player/athlete, any changes to their medical condition must be given in writing to Coach Y immediately so accommodations can be made


Preseason Conditioning and Camp

The official preseason begins on Sunday, August 16 at 7AM. PSAL rules mandates that all athletes must attend 11 practices before participating in the first scrimmage and 15 practices before their first game.




To participate in football, student-athletes are expected to devote large sums of time. We encourage discussions between parent and student to determine if the time is right to commit to Golden Eagles Football.


Preseason practices are intense. Student-athletes are expected to eat a healthy breakfast 2 hours before games and morning practices. During the Preseason, players should pack lunch or bring money to purchase lunch. Players must keep up their strength and energy, hunger pains will only slow them down.


Sunday, August 16                                             Practice Begins (7AM – 2PM)


August 17 – 21                                                    Weekday Practice (7AM – 5PM)


August 22 – 23                                                    Weekend Practice (7AM – 2PM)


August 24 – 28                                                    Weekday Practice (7AM – 5PM)


August 27                                                             First Scrimmage


August 29                                                            Second Scrimmage vs. Stuyvesant (10 AM at SGHS)


August 30

No Practice


August 31 – September 4         

Weekday Practice/Game Preparation

(7AM – 5PM)


Saturday, September 5

       First Game of the Season (vs. Truman)


September 6 – 7                                         

No Practice


Tuesday, September 8                                              

After School hours begin (2:30 – 6:30)





We expect football player to commit to attending a football related function 6 Sundays this season (two during preseason practices, two regular season games and potentially two for playoffs). Once again, it is imperative that student-athlete and parents communicate to determine if this is the right commitment.


Of course, family (or religious) commitments may take precedence in your household. If so, we ask that you do not hurt the team and reconsider joining the team.  


Dress Code

All student-athletes expecting to return next season are required to continue adhering to the dress code policy.

Please begin to prepare for this now. Excuses will not be accepted.

Failure to adhere to this may result in a reduction of playing time.



collared shirts and pants or khaki shorts (no blue jeans), solid colored sneakers (prefereably black or white), shoes or boots


collared shirts with tie (dress sweaters are also acceptable), slacks and dress shoes





Morning Arrival

Once school begins, student-athletes are required to arrive no later than 7:45 AM. While classes start no earlier than 8:10 in the school, student-athletes avoid the long lines at the metal detectors and are guaranteed to be on time to first period classes. Football Players are also encouraged to have breakfast together.

Failure to adhere to this may result in a reduction of playing time.


Academic Progress

Student athletes are required to achieve an 80 average in all academic classes.

·                     This is well above the minimum academic criteria presented by the governing body (PSAL).

·                     This will help student athletes reach NCAA standards should they decide to pursue their activity in college.

·                     Provisions are set for those who fail to meet these standards.

Game Schedule

Generally, student-athletes are expected to arrive at school 3 hours prior to home games and 3.5 hours prior to away games.

In Your Locker

                Students should possess the following items:

For practice

Black high top cleats                          towel                      clean tee shirts (no tank top undershirts)                                      

Deodorant                                            soap                        compression shorts (multiple pair if possible)

notebook and pen                               socks                      Yellow shorts (multiple pair if possible)                                      

                Sneakers (with laces)                          master combination lock (no key locks allowed)

                Cup and jock strap                              inhaler (for athletes with asthma – coach will keep it in med kit)


Game Day

If student-athlete wishes to wear long sleeves, they must be solid color (gold, green, white or black)                          

Cold Weather Practices

Long sleeve shirt or long john                          gloves                                    Sweatpants (cotton or nylon)                                          

Think ahead: While you may not need their warm weather gear until October, please purchase it now, as practice/work/school schedules may preclude you from purchasing it when needed.



College Visit

We will be returning to Stony Brook University on September 19 to visit the campus and watch their football game vs. Brown University at 6PM. All student-athletes are expected to attend. The cost of this trip is $10. More details will follow.



Online Information

Schedules, results, directions, articles and updates can always be found on the internet at

 www.PSAL.org or on the team website www.springfieldfootball.vnsports.com



Once again, thank you for taking the time to speak with your student-athlete. We appreciate your support of the Golden Eagles Football Program. Please feel free to contact me via cell or text , email cyarbor@schools.nyc.gov, or on AIM (screen name: cybgrid22) if you have any questions or concerns.







                                                                                                                                                                Charles Yarborough

                                                                                                                                                                Head Football Coach

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