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Recruiting Memo #1 - Pertinent Information

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012 by Coach Yarborough
Before you start searching for and contacting schools, you must have all of your important information at hand:

Full Name
Complete Address
Contact Phone Number

Parents Full Name
Parents Contact Number

A legit business email address:

Please go to gmail.com to create an email address that you will use for all college correspondence. Do not select a handle (name) that is inappropriate like BIGMAN45@gmail.com 

You'll also need accurate height and weight.

As for 40 times and bench/squat max, we will wait until the Spring to measure. For now, leave it blank.  

They may also need information on your coach and school:

Here is the general address:

143-10 Springfield Blvd. 
Springfield Gardens NY, 11413

Head Coach: Charles Yarborough
email: cyarbor@schools.nyc.gov
cell: (347) 866 - 6748

Athletic Director: Chris Tidridge
email: ctidrid@schools.nyc.gov

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